brian's birthday I Short Film (2013)

A strong-willed woman forces her family to a yearly gathering to celebrate Brian's Birthday, creating a dysfunctional, hostile environment for everyone attending. 

Starring: Jill Massie, Letia Solomon, Elizabeth Lind, Gnimn, Molly Dickler, Ryan Campbell, Sergio Ibarra, Christopher M. Everett and Alex Bennett. 

Written & Directed by: Jorge Xolalpa Jr.

Ray of Darkness I Short Film (2014)

A young man in search for the American dream gets lost in the desert after closing the Mexican / American border. 

Starring: Jorge Xolalpa Jr., Denisse Ojeda, Janine Grand and Nicholas Kafantaris. 

Written & Directed by: Jorge Xolalpa Jr.

suzanne I Short Film (2016)

A young foreign couple struggle to come to terms with their past, causing their marriage to slowly fall apart.

Starring: Carola Parmejano and Anthony Moore.

Written & Directed by: Jorge Xolalpa Jr.

mastermind I Short Film (2014)

During a job interview, a fresh out of law school attorney is put on the spot when she allows fear to do the critical thinking for her.

Starring: Tracey Verhoeven and Jullia Gallagher. 

Written & Directed by: Jorge Xolalpa Jr.