Jorge Xolalpa (Sho-lal-pa) Jr., born Jorge Xolalpa-Ramirez on December 13, 1988 is a Mexican filmmaker residing in Los Angeles, California.

From an early age, Jorge wanted to be a commercial airline pilot. However, due to suffering from a high level of astigmatism on the left eye, and fear from surgery, Jorge decided to give up on that career goal at the age of 17. After many attempts at career soul searching, Jorge found himself drawn into politics, which eventually led him to pursue a law degree. Throughout his college years, Jorge kept a journal where he would write ideas, ideas that would soon develop into short stories. As a result, Jorge has written and directed a total of five short films: Brian's Birthday, Ray of Darkness, Break in The Clouds, Pink Elephants and Mastermind.

Jorge's initial intention was to become an actor. At the beginning of his career, he had decided to write for himself. When the time came to perform the lead role on his first short film Brian's Birthday, Jorge found an enormous amount of interest in the development process; so much, that it led him to step down and instead concentrate in directing the short film.

This could be noted as the landmark point in Jorge's career as he took time, to perfect his writing and directing craft.

In 2014, Jorge launched Mighty Aphrodite Pictures, a production and finance company that concentrates in the creation of strong, diverse and independent, female principal roles. Most of the material is written by Jorge, with the hopes of developing good quality films.

Two years later, Jorge is now (2016) preparing to direct his first feature film titled A Week With Vivian. The film is expected to begin principal photography as early as Fall 2016 under his production company Mighty Aphrodite Pictures. The film is intended to hit the festival route, independently.

Although Jorge did not attend film school, his writing and directing method have been critically acclaimed by many in the industry. So much that is has led him to work with some of the most prominent Latino performer in the industry,  such as: Victoria Del Rosal, Raquenel, Raquel Cordova, to mention a few. His thematic is constantly very dark and dramatic. Some of his favorite filmmakers that have served as an inspiration to Jorge's work include Woody Allen, David Fincher, Darren Aronofsky and David O. Russell.

Jorge is a full-time Fimmaker. Make no mistake, Jorge is well experienced in many fields, including but not limited to Real Estate Development, Real Estate Property Management and Business Management. With his strong interpersonal business skills, Jorge is always ready to take on the next project.

                                  Julia Cavanaugh ,  Malili Dib ,  Victoria Del Rosal  and  Jorge Xolalpa Jr. , on set of  Jezebel.

                                 Julia Cavanaugh, Malili Dib, Victoria Del Rosal and Jorge Xolalpa Jr., on set of Jezebel.